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Our Mission

Our Mission

Hardrock Charlie Foundation, Inc. exists as a social and philanthropic organization for Veterans of 75th Ranger Regiment. The group seeks to create and support programs that promote, maintain, and preserve Ranger heritage, culture, and operates as a benevolent, non-profit charitable organization; donating money to individuals and groups that demonstrate need.
Particular emphasis is placed on efforts that address education, social welfare and health issues; with special attention given to programs for Rangers, surviving spouses and children of the 75th Ranger Regiment.

Our History

Our History

In 2020 a small group of Rangers planned a water jump in Tavares, Florida. It was a chance for the guys to get together for a little fun. Word got out and more Rangers joined the jump list. Within a few weeks we had a reunion on our hands. It seemed like everyone was interested in an organized event as a chance for everyone to catch up with one another.
The reunion turned out to be so much more than a water jump and a few beers. Hesitant glances turned into big grins and bro hugs. A bunch of brothers talking about how “happy” they were to be together again. It was then that our group recognized that connecting and supporting fellow Rangers needs to happen within the immediate brotherhood at the Company level.

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Our Team

Our Team

Hardrock Charlie Foundation, Inc. represents every one of you. Our Board of Directors and Advisory Board are made up of Veterans of Charlie Company, 1/75th Ranger Battalion. We work tirelessly to connect and provide our fellow Rangers with support opportunities. Some of us have been very lucky in life while others have faced incredible challenges. Despite it all, we have an undeniable connection to ease the burden of the Rangers to our left and our right. Whatever the challenge may be, our team is here to provide support.
First and foremost, our team is all of you.


$25.00 Annual Dues

Your annual membership fee goes toward funding our mission. When you join, we will keep you informed of the latest announcements, programs, and events. As a bonus, we will mail you a few “thank you” gifts to show our appreciation of your support.


A brotherhood is as strong as the community that supports it. Together we can do so much more in providing support to one another. There are many ways to join us and support our mission. Signup for our newsletter to learn more about our events, support programs, and sponsorship opportunities. If you join as a member, you will automatically be included in our mailing list.